Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween is Here!

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween!!

This past week was busy, but went by very fast.  My building is updating, and it was time for my flat to get a new bed, so I now have a new bed...yay!!  I finally have all of my immigration things done and I am so happy about that!  I also bought my ticket for a weekend trip to Disney Paris, a plane ticket for a trip to Amsterdam, and my friends and I are talking about a possible weekend trip to Rome!!!  I am super excited for these upcoming trips!!

This weekend, some of my friends and I ordered Domino's pizza.  I was surprised to find out that the pizza tasted almost exactly like Domino's at home!  Yummy!  They just had fewer options.  Also, I found out that stuffed crust pizza is a foreign concept here.  They are missing out!

Halloween just happens to be an obsession of mine.  Horror movies are the best kind of movies.  Anything that includes haunted, horror, terror, etc. is like music to my ears!  The season of fear is my favorite time of year! haha  Now that you know this, you can imagine my severe disappointment in finding out that France really doesn't celebrate it.  Young children generally dress up and will sometimes go "Trick or Treating," but beyond that, there isn't much celebration.  I was happy to see some people dressed up at the bars!  No one celebrates this holiday like the Americans though!  Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions about how Halloween is celebrated in the U.S., other people find it fascinating! 

We went to the fair again, and there was a haunted house there! Let's just say I could barely contain my excitement!! It was Universal Studios "Live Horror Show."  Everything was based on the legendary horror films!! A four foot "Billy the Puppet," the puppet that Jigsaw uses in "Saw," led you into the house.  It was filled with all the scary Freddy, Jason, Michael, etc.  At the end you were chased by Thomas Hewitt, aka "LeatherFace," who had a chainsaw, obviously.  It is one of the best houses I have ever been in!  I grew up watching all of these movies and having the terror memorized in my mind.  Then I went through this house and found myself in the same scenarios with the same killers that I have watched in movies my entire life.  It...was...awesome!!!  haha I know what you are thinking: "Wow, this is kind of twisted."  Don't worry, I have been told this before! ; )  You just have to love scary movies!

After that we went to Alejandra's apartment to hang out and have drinks.  (The picture below is the view from her jealous!! It is beautiful!)  We listened to music and danced, and then decided to play some cards!  We had so much fun teaching each other games, I cried I was laughing so hard.  They said that they had heard of the game "Bull Shit," and wanted to learn.  So I taught them.  Ernesto just couldn't get the concept.  It was like he was in a different game all together most of the time, but we got a good laugh out of it!

Sunday was amazing!  Just like every Sunday, I had a Skype date with my family.  My whole family was home, and Matt and Jaime's family was also there to watch the Packer game!  It was loud, obnoxious, and hilarious as our home always is, and it just warmed my heart to see it.  I "sat" at the table with them as they ate.  My father's birthday is on the 29th, so we also watched him open up his birthday presents!  Thank God for modern technology!!! 

Also, because I have the coolest parents in the world, they logged into my laptop and hooked it up to their Dish TV.  Now I can watch and DVR American television! Which also means, guessed it, I can watch my Green Bay Packers again!!!  Watching live updates on ESPN worked, but man I am ecstatic to have American Television.  Thank you again!!  Also, I can now watch all of the Halloween Marathons and ghost shows that are flooding TVs right now.  I can watch "Hocus Pocus" on the 31st.  I watch that movie on Halloween every single year.  It is one of my all time favorites, and we share a birth year.  It was made in '93!!

This coming week I am on our Fall Break.  My friend Amy is coming to live with me!  I pick her up at the train station tomorrow!!  We grew up together and she is currently studying abroad in Manchester, England.  After being gone for almost two months now, we are both very excited to see a familiar face!  I am sure I will have many stories for this coming week!

Happy birthday Dad, I love you!!!

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a spook-tacular Halloween! : )


"Don't just fly, soar."


  1. Krysta - it is so awesome hearing about your exploits. I'm so glad you are having so much fun and hopefully are doing some studying as well? :) I love and miss you so much, but your updates help me to survive. I can't wait to squeeze and hug you at Christmas - that's all the present I need. Love you LOTS! :)

  2. I am having a lot of fun!! I also study, don't worry! haha I miss you tons! I literally can't wait until Christmas!! I am already beyond excited! love you!!!


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