Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Food, Friends, and Some Thoughts


Bonjour everyone!!

I am already in the last week of my first sequence! My final is on Friday and, to be honest, I am very nervous!! So I am taking a study break to write to you. : )

In my cute little flat, I have a small kitchen that doesn't have an oven.  So I am somewhat limited as to what I can make.  I am finally becoming bold in the grocery store and learning how to use the computers to get fresh fruits and veggies! (It's a bit different here)  It is still a little bit difficult to get food because I can't read labels.  I can get the overall idea from the pictures, and I am starting to learn some words, but I don't like that I can't read the directions and ingredients before hand.  So I still stick to what I know is safe.  One of my favorite meals this week was the one pictured above.  I sauteed peppers, onions, and chicken in olive oil and my favorite seasonings.  Then put that on a wrap with lettuce and chopped tomatoes! It was quite yummy!

This weekend, some friends and I got together to make a meal and have some drinks!  It was quite the entertaining night.  We are all from different countries: U.S.A., Chile, Mexico, and Canada.  We always have fun talking about our homes and all the differences from place to place.  We were on Google Maps showing each other our neighborhoods and how different they are.  I had tried explaining to them just how small my town is.  They didn't quite understand until it was my turn to show them.  I went around the block and pointed to the ones that were relatives (which is pretty much every house.)  They were amazed! "I have literally never seen anything like that!" they all said!  My town is quite unique! My favorite part though was when they said "That is so cool, hey zoom out so we can see the whole town!" I laughed hard and said "uhhh, nope, that would be it!"  Again, they were amazed! I love my small town!

For supper, Ernesto (from Chile) made us some Chilean Hot Dogs! Let me tell you, they were delicious!  Earlier, we had gone shopping for the ingredients.  There was some miscommunication, and sausages were bought instead of actual hot dogs.  The meal was just as good though! We just kept calling them our "Fake Chilean Hot Dogs."  Also, someone (but I won't mention names) burned half of the buns.  They opened the oven and a cloud of smoke rolled out.  The bread was rock solid.  It provided for some good laughs though! 

As I was coming home from class the other day, I decided to check out a little bakery close to my apartment.  I was standing there and thought "Krysta, you are in the land of pastries and bread, and you have yet to try a croissant.  What is wrong with you?"  So I got a lovely croissant and was on my way.  Let me just say, if you even kind of like croissants, you would absolutely LOVE them here!! It was delicious!!

To finish, I would like to share some things I have noticed that I think are pretty cool! Of the people that I have met, most of them say how much they love the U.S. and how they have been there several times, or they really want to go!!  We all know it is a very large country, but I guess I never put that much thought into it until being by all these small countries.  America really is huge, and has sooo many things to offer and explore!  Some people also find it interesting that I am used to my one country having several different time zones.  And how I am used to seeing TV shows and programs listed with their premiere times.  Or how on New Years Eve, we all watch the ball drop on Times Square, but we watch recordings of it at different times.  In smaller countries, a TV show is on at 8.  That is it, just 8 o'clock.  No 8/7 Central or anything like that.  It is these little differences that I find interesting.  

Also, something that I hear a lot is "You don't realize how lucky you are that English is your first language."  Many people from other countries have a desire to learn this language.  It is the international language, and no matter where you go, chances are, you will be able to survive on English.  Some of my friends are very good at speaking it, but they don't have the confidence yet.  I will tell them "You have been studying English for several years, and your speech is very good!"  They always say "Yes, but you have had the opportunity to study it for twenty years, you don't realize how nice that is."  Love your English language!

I also enjoy the fact that I get to share some of my knowledge! I have always loved teaching and sharing with people, and I get to do that here often.  Most of the people I talk to are non-native English speakers.  I rarely have a conversation that doesn't include: How do you spell...What is the word for...How do you pronounce...What is another name for??  Many people ask me questions about English and I love it!  

By the way, now that I have said I am helping many people with their English, do not judge mine from this blog!  It is my way of sharing, and I don't really pay attention to my grammar or how well I write.  When helping others though, I do my best to provide them with correct English! ; )

Thank you for reading! I hope to have some new adventures to share soon!


"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
-Walt Disney

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