Monday, September 9, 2013

Ready to Go!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog!

In just a few hours, my parents and I will be off to the airport. These last few weeks have been crazy, but I think I have everything ready.  Last night, with much help from my mom and good friend Kari, we fit everything into my suitcase and carry on (which took some serious talent!).  My suitcase weighed 48.8 pounds, just 1.2 pounds away from the limit! I also have a carry on, that is quite heavy, and a large purse.  That is all I have for the next 9 months! 

I am very excited to get to France and start exploring and sharing stories! My goal is to post about once a week. But who knows, it could be more often!  I provided a spot below where you can submit your email address and subscribe to my blog!

Thank you everyone for all of your love and support! Next, I will write to you from France!


"The path to your destiny lies within the magic of your heart."

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