Saturday, September 14, 2013

Exploring and Learning


I have been very busy these last few days trying to settle into French life.  On Thursday I was able to venture out for the first time completely on my own (that was a little scary).  I went to the main tram station and got my yearly tram pass, went to the bank to open an account, and ordered a new cell phone.  Every place that I went to get these things done didn't have many people who spoke English. So let's just say it was quite the project, but everyone was so nice and patient!

I took the tram to school to make sure I would know how to get there and so I could time it.  I did a lot of tram riding that day to get a good picture of how the city was laid out, and now I can navigate Bordeaux pretty well already!  Then I went back to my apartment to make a plan to go find groceries.  Well surprisingly, I live right next to the mall! I still can't get over how convenient and awesome that is!

On Friday, I had almost ten hours of orientation.  I got a good look at the school and met a lot of the international students.  After we were done, my friend Luan and I went to get something to eat and explored a lot of the city.  Seriously, it is so cool! We then met up with the Swedish students  and a few French.  We went to The Cock and Bull to watch the big football match between Bordeaux and Paris.  I was able to order my first legal beers as a 20 year old! We had a lot of fun there! Also, it takes forever to say hello and goodbye to people because of all the kissing on the cheeks! : )

Today I went back to the mall to go to the store Auchan again.  It is a lot like a very nice Walmart.  It was my second time shopping there, but I am still nervous about it.  Not being able to communicate at all scares me yet, so I just do a lot of nodding and assuming.  The check out is the worst part because they usually ask you questions.  Today I bought a hair straightener/curling iron and the cashier asked me a question.  I assumed it was about a warranty for it, so I just shook my head no.  I was right about the question! I am starting to be able to pick up very few words here and there and at least guess at things!

Let's see what tonight brings in this exciting place!! : )


"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run."
-Babe Ruth

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