Tuesday, September 24, 2013

KEDGE Business School and a Little Humor!

Hello everyone!

Seeing as to how I am here for school, I suppose I should talk a little bit about it! I am attending the brand new KEDGE Business School for the Master In Management Program.  This school was made by the merging of two other schools, BEM and Euromed Management.  That means I am officially a member of the first class to attend this school! Also, the picture above shows a building under construction.  This is the new building our school is moving into in January.  So I will also be part of the first class to use this building. How exciting!!

At this school, we have sequences instead of semesters.  We take one class at a time for three weeks. The final is usually on your last Friday of that sequence, and then you move onto the next sequence.  I am very eager to see what this is like.  I think it will help to have only one subject to focus on at a time. Also, as my mother pointed out, if I don't like the class, I only have to take it for three weeks!

Yesterday, I finally started my first sequence.  The class that I am taking is a French Language course for beginners.  I am so new to this language, I feel as if I should have my own teacher! There are about 15 people in my class.  They are all either bilingual already, or have been exposed to some French.  I feel a little behind! But...I have enjoyed my first two classes very much and look forward to learning as much as I can. I just have to really put in a lot of work!

To get to the school from where I live takes me about 45 minutes. I live roughly five miles away...oh the joys of city living! I walk to one of the trams, get on tram, get off tram, get on a different tram, get off tram, get on a bus, get off bus...arrive at school!  It is quite the ordeal, especially because I am used to driving myself everywhere, but all the people and scenery make it interesting and time flies!

Since I do not know any French yet, I figured I would share some of my "language barrier humor."  Communicating can be very hard at times, so I try to look at the positives, learn from it, and usually laugh at it later. 

To start with, on the third day of being here I went to get my yearly tram pass.  The people I worked with were patient and we used a lot of gestures and hand signals.  When we were done with all the paperwork I paid my bill, which is a lot for a poor college student! The guy handed me my nice new card and said "Alright, you are good for one whole day."  He started to turn away, but stopped when he registered my large eyes, face of horror, and need to panic.  There was no way that I just payed that much to have him misunderstand me and only give me a day pass.  He realized what he had said and quickly reassured me "Year, year, I meant year!" We had a good laugh and I was on my way!

This next story is one of my favorites so far.  Upon moving here, all of the international students were required to open a bank account.  Somehow I managed to accidentally start opening two different accounts, with two completely different banks! I am pretty sure I am the only student to do that, ever! Seriously, the talent I possess just gets me sometimes! Only me..

Then there are the little things. Like when someone asks you to "come over here" and you mistake it and go the other way. Then there is the opposite, when someone tries to get around you and you just stare at them. And I can't tell you the amount of doors that I have walked into because I never know if it is push or pull. I just guess, and with my luck, I am usually wrong!

This is a picture of the Chateau I went to on Saturday! We had wine tastings and got to meet other international students! It was very pretty and a lot of fun!

Thank you for reading. I miss you all!


"You will never know unless you try."

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  1. HI Krysta.

    Im sorry to contact you like this but I am ver eager to go study a Msc in Kedge next term, is it any good? can you recommend it? I used to know it when it was BEM, but rigth know I doubt about this merge.
    Thank you in advanced for your kind reply.


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