Monday, November 11, 2013

Two Down, Seven To Go!

Bonjour everyone!

This past Thursday I took my final for my second sequence, Air Transportation and Tourism Economics!!  I really enjoyed the material of the class, but had to give my first presentation.  I was in a group with 3 French girls and we had to give a half hour presentation followed by a Q&A session.  Not my favorite thing to do, and the whole process was a lot different from what I am used to in Green Bay, so I am glad that it is over! Whew! It did go quite well though, so that is good! : )  Two sequences down, seven to go.  Time is flying by.  This week I will be starting Business to Business and Industrial Marketing. oy...

As I was going to school last week, I saw something that was awesome!!! ...well, a "Krysta" type of awesomeness!  I was getting off the bus to go to my final when I noticed a man wearing a rather remarkable hat.  It was a Green Bay Packers hat!!!! That was the first time I saw NFL apparel in Bordeaux, and what better team to be represented than the Packers?!  I took it as a sign!  I was so excited to watch the Packers vs. Eagles game this weekend because it was the first time that Clay Matthews and his brother Casey played against each other in the NFL! The excitement that I speak of was quickly shot, due to obviously reasons on Sunday.  Reasons that I would rather not repeat.  Despite all that has happened to the team this season, keep faith guys!  The last time we looked like this we won the Super Bowl!!  Not to mention, I was a year away from being in high school when our school went to state for football, a year away from going to college in Green Bay when the Packers won the Super Bowl, so it only seems fitting that they will win while I am in a different country! ; )

This is something totally random, but I would like to talk about bathrooms!  In the U.S., if you are ever in public, you will find a bathroom.  Also, you will usually find a bubbler (a water fountain for the rest of the world.)  In Europe, that is not the case.  Bubblers are really hard to find, there is not a single one at my school!!  Bathrooms are also really hard to find, and quite often, you have to pay to use them.  I was in the train station last week and really needed to use the bathroom.  We searched for a good ten minutes before finding the only bathroom in the building, and then I had to pay to use it!  I find that interesting.  Also, not all of them offer toilet paper.  So here is some advice while abroad: Always carry some sort of tissue, and go to the bathroom if you get the opportunity, even if you don't think you have to.  You never know when you will find one next. 

These past few days have been very quiet and relaxing!  I am in the middle of another little break, and I don't have any school work because I am in between two sequences!  This has given me some time to catch up with people at home! I was able to Skype with my good friend Kari again!  She will be visiting me with a group of people in February, and we are both very excited!!  I also got to talk to my little brother Ryan, and our friends Bridget and Liam down in Madison!  I know Ryan struggles with communication, so I would like to say he is doing great with school and life!  He is really enjoying Madison, and I am so proud of him!  Also, while I was talking to  my parents, my uncle Chipper stopped by!  It was educational as usual, but amusing!

Next weekend I will be traveling to Amsterdam!!  My friends and I have been planning our trip over the last few days, and it is looking very exciting!!

Thank you everyone for reading!


"Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try." 
-Jack Canfield

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